Complaints Handling Policy

This Complaint Handling Policy aims to:
- provide a framework for mEngine employees to work with when handling complaints from customers;
- ensure consistency within bmobil in handling and resolving complaints from customers;
- assist mEngine’s commitment to provide quality products, services and customer service.

mEngine defines the term complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to mEngine by a customer or member of the public with any product or service of bmobil, not including a request for information.

Lodgement of Complaints
Media Engine customer service operators will provide reasonable information and assistance to ensure that complaints are lodged effectively.

Complaints may be lodged by phone on 0800981275, electronic mail to or by letter to Media Engine Inc. 311 West Third St. Suite 3424 Carson, NV 89703, USA. Complaints will be acknowledged and customers can be advised of a reference that can be used to identify progress of their complaint.

Media Engine has established, and will continue to develop, quality processes for the efficient acknowledgement and processing of complaints.

Response to Complaints
Complaints will be processed in a timely and efficient manner. Continuous improvement and training will be utilised to ensure complaints are resolved promptly and courteously.

Managing our customer's expectations realistically is Media Engine’s goal. This involves the careful examination of each complaint and a resolution offered on the basis of that analysis.

Records/ Systems
Complaints will be recorded and analysed to ensure that our Complaint Management processes comply with this policy.

Systemic trends and recurring problems will be identified and feedback provided to the relevant departments to improve current processes.

Review of Complaint Handling Process
Media Engine’s complaint handling procedures and systems are to be periodically reviewed to ensure optimum effectiveness and highlight any need for improvement.